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                                          To only buy wheels like it!

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                                          If a car does not have a hot wheels, it will only occupy themselves mediocre. Our view is that it can not be called even if your car is hot, so be sure to choose pieces cool wheels to enhance the taste, of course, which is within the capabilities of choice. Believe us, we will give you a time to do so has never been cornering feel!

                                          You should know that knowledge is also called wheel hub, the abbreviation RIM. From the manufacturing process is divided into two kinds of casting and forging, in general, forging strength, usually racing use.

                                          Another difference is the pitch indicator wheels and eccentricity, it simply is the location of the pitch screws, eccentricity is the hub for the screw surface (fixed surface) away from the centerline of the wheel.

                                          Quality wheels require uniform density, morphology round, thermal deformation and strength.

                                          Make sure to turn more shiny remove dirt on the surface of the hub, otherwise the alloy surface susceptible to corrosion.

                                          Then the anti-acid cleaner inside and outside surfaces of the wheel hub to take care of, it is best to give the hub a bimonthly wax, do not use paint brightener or abrasive materials.

                                          In case of damage, the repair station specializing in the repair or replacement as soon as possible.

                                          6 The most classic wheels recommended

                                          1. Volkswagen VW GTi

                                          2. Ford Ford Mustang

                                          3. Audi Audi A8

                                          4. Dodge Dodge Charger SRT8

                                          5. Jaguar Jaguar XJ

                                          6. Chevrolet Chevrolet Cobalt SS

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